If you have recently discovered your partner watches pornography videos, anal sex videos and many more secretly. And if you are worried about your married life.

This article is for you

You may have several emotions regarding this. Some people also think about what the big deal in it is. Some partners find it insulting and repulsive. Let us see the various advantages and disadvantages of this.


It can create a feeling of guilt, mistrust, and anger between the partners. Watching porn can withdraw your relationship with your spouse as he will be in some fantasy land watching porn. You may feel disrespected. It will create a feeling that you are not good enough for them. Watching porns can cause difficulty seeing sex as a loving form of action. Finally, it can decrease your sexual satisfaction in married life.


Watching porn can be advantageous also. For example, a wife may think about how he will love me in that particular costume. How will he make love to me by watching this? This will take their marriage level to new heights. This will be good.

Some couples also believe that it helps in enhancing imagination. Thus, making their married life fun. Many sex therapists suggest that watching porn together makes a couple closer and develops more trust.

Some people also say that their sexual intimacy has been increased while watching porn. Finally, people say if you do not trust your partner you will be insecure while watching him seeing porn. If you trust them it will not create any problems